Simu T6 680 Hz 80Nm 14rpm 120V Motor 2006057
Simu Type 6  Hz DMI6 120v AC 3 Wire Motor 2006057
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Type 6 680 DMI6 120v 3 Wire Motor
Torque 704"lbs 80Nm 14rpm
with 18ft power cord/plug

Crown and Drive sets sold separately
Our Price: $648.94
Lot no. 15

Product Code: 2006057

2006057 Simu T6 680 DMI6 Radio Hz 80 Nm 14 rpm 120V Motor 18 ft cord/plug

With the integrated manual override the roller shutter can still be rolled up or deployed if there is a power failure. The compact head can be easily mounted with multiple positioning options. Using a Hz receiver, the DMI6 can be fitted with the SIMU-Hz wireless technology